Heart of the God-King

Session 2 Notes

Day 3 (cont.)

Midday & Afternoon
The afternoon passed without much event, aside from some rain.

After further discussing the plan to discover the identity of the figure in the wagon, Erevan attempted to earn the trust of the merchants clustered around the suspicious wagon. Though he was permitted to look inside the wagon, he could not see the figure the party had previously discovered. On asking to get into the wagon for a better look, he was refused and earned greater suspicion from the merchants.

Erevan took first watch, feigning a standard patrol of the campsite to make a last attempt of his own to discover the identity of the figure in the wagon. With a good deal of stealth and luck, Erevan made it to the wagon and made an attempt at conversation with the figure. But the figure refused to tell Erevan who he was and informed him that he did not consort with those of other clans. Eventually, Erevan gave up trying to get information out of him, but insisted that the Elf should have a drink with him in town.
When he woke Aeglos for the second watch, Erevan informed Aeglos that the plan was off. Aeglos kept to his post and had a quiet and uneventful watch.

Day 4

Erevan shared his discoveries about the figure over breakfast, and the party discussed the Elf’s possible identity. But with their ideas no more definite than before, the party prepared to continue on as planned. Before they set out, Nyvorlas spotted a gold-eyed creature in the trees. It looked like a pallid, twisted Elf, but none of the group could identify what it was.

After seeing the first one, the party observed many more of the golden-eyed creatures in the forest along the road. However, the creatures did not attack, only watched. But when the caravan stopped for lunch, the party discovered a message, burned into the grass and written in ancient Elvish, a language not used for thousands of years. After Erevan persuaded a merchant to part with paper and a pen, Nyvorlas wrote down the message to translate it later. But the group quickly determined that the Elf in the wagon might be the prince from the message, so they arranged themselves to better guard him from the danger they could infer from the message.

As the caravan approached Hommlet, the Elf in the wagon emerged, revealed to be Prince Flinar Feadiel. There had recently been a number of attempts on his life, so he travelled to Hommlet for the harvest festival in secret with the caravan. However, he was expected to make an entrance as they arrived in town.
The remaining journey to town proceeded without incident, and the party received their payment. They then reserved rooms at the Inn of the Welcome Wench and, leaving Nyvorlas to translate the message he had recorded and Lun to guard him, the rest of the party went out to explore the village. After purchasing three overpriced steeds and some new clothes for the harvest festival that began the next day, they made their way to the Temple of Arikus, at Camellia’s behest. After a small donation and a brief wait, the High Priest informed the party that there were rumours of evil at the old temple, several leagues away near the town of Nulb. He also said that the ruins of the old moathouse had been an outpost of the temple and might be a nearer place to seek the truth of the rumours.

When they arrived back at the inn, the party gathered to learn Nyvorlas’ translation of the message earlier:

“The heretic prince will burn in his own corruption. Let his death be as tribute to his broken god. May he fall from the Heavens and be put to his own justice.”

The group concluded that the prince in the message was definitely Prince Flinar and that they had to learn more about the creatures in the forest who seemed to have sent the warning.
At dinner, they were able to find only one person who seemed to know anything about the creatures—a drunken townsman who said that they had only started appearing in the last few weeks. The greatest source of aid, however, was Burne, a local mage. Though he could not offer much more information, he offered future aid and the cooperation of the village militia.
After ending their conversation with Burne, Nyvorlas received an anonymous letter which had been delivered to Ostler, the inkeeper. It requested that Nyvorlas come, alone, to the clearing behind the leather worker’s house at midnight. Concerned, the party formed a plan that would allow them to discreetly observe the meeting.

After several early visits to the named location which gave them no further insight, the party warily got into position for the meeting. At midnight, no one arrived in the clearing, but a small hawk dove directly toward Nyvorlas before a sudden isolated fog came up and shrouded the clearing. A small figure came through the fog and suddenly transformed into a humanoid shape. The shape led Nyvorlas through the fog into the forest to the south.


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