“When the God-King Parizan climbed his tower to the Heavens, the Ancients were waiting. Threatened by mortal Ascension, they cut out his heart and cast it back to Tei.” —Tome of the Ascent, First Lament

Ages ago, the Elven king Parizan built a tower to the Heavens to become a God. The Ancient Gods were cruel and capricious, for they did not understand the fragility of mortals. So King Parizan vowed to become a God of Mercy and Patience—a God of Mortals. But his kindness was met with the anger and jealousy of the Ancient Gods who trapped King Parizan and tore out his heart. They tortured and twisted him and gave him a new heart made of thornstone.

His new heart transformed him into a God, but he was no longer a God of Mercy. Instead, he served the Ancients as a Slave-God of Vengeance and Cruelty, a scourge upon the mortals he had Ascended to protect. His most loyal retainers and followers, who had sworn a blood oath to him, were transformed, too, by their link to his heart. His new heart of thornestone corrupted them, twisted their bodies and minds until they were little more than barely civilized animals—they became the Orcs, the Goblins, the Kobolds, the Ogres. They were driven out of their homes and pledged themselves to the vengeance and cruelty of their God-King.

Heart of the God-King

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