Starting a Campaign

DM’s Role

The DM sets up the party’s adventure and takes the role of all NPCs and monsters in addition to recording the party’s progress. The DM makes the final call in all decisions not made by dice or default, including decisions on basic and house rules. The DM is responsible for maintaining comprehensive notes on the party’s progress and ensuring continuity and fairness.

Player’s Role

Players advance through the campaign set up by the DM in whatever way they choose and should make decisions in-character (out-of-character discussion, however, is always permitted and generally a good idea, particularly before decisions that affect the whole group). Players are responsible for maintaining their own character sheets as well as their own personal notes on party progress, particularly those things relevant to their individual characters.

The Mapper’s Role

A mapper is a player responsible for drawing up approximate maps of new areas from descriptions provided by the DM. A mapper may be chosen for the whole campaign or a single area. Mappers are optional, though useful, particularly in winding dungeon environments. A mapper may use any medium of their choice, though they should be able to relay information from it to the rest of the players if the map is not distributed among all players whenever updated. (Possible suggestion: iScribble)


Starting a Campaign

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