Goddess of the moon and mystery


Selene is the ancient goddess of both the moon and mystery. Her biggest responsibility is to raise her silvery disk into the sky every evening to usher in the night, and to lower it again respectfully in the early day to let dawn and the sun take her place. As powerful as her role is, being one of the few gods with power over the heavens themselves, she is often forgotten in the crowd of gods, goddesses, and slave-gods. While most of the other higher beings have made their motives clear as either being benevolent or cruel to mortals, Selene has never made her intentions clear. Her actions and whims as ever changing as the tides she pulls in her constant dance across the sky, though it’s assumed that most are done in the interest of herself or her few devoted followers.

It’s often thought that Selene is forgotten not because she is insignificant, but because she’s selective about who is allowed to worship her. Anyone is allowed pray to her and her images, but it’s very rare for her to actually listen to or accept any of these people into her flock. Those that are accepted are granted healing abilities, and depending on what strengths and skills she observes from them she will either bestow even more healing abilities or strong purging magic. Much like the god of the sun, Selene is a goddess that draws power from the light, and as such often gives her followers powers similar to this. Some can start flames on their fingers while others can channel these powers into dangers and powerful attacks. Since her following is much smaller and more spread out than most other gods, Selene has never had to bother with having only a single messenger to deliver her wishes to the rest. Often she only speaks to the higher ranking members of her church, but should she need to she may pierce through her followers’ dreams late at night to give them specific orders.

When looking upon the moon, some have claimed to see a shadowy woman’s face gazing up at the stars as it rolls across the sky. This image only appears to those chosen by Selene to be one of her worshipers, and it’s claimed that seeing her visage in the sky is what gives her Clerics and Paladins the powers they need to fulfill her wishes. It is said that as daylight breaks Selene falls from her disk in the sky and lands on the ground where she transforms herself from her godlike form to a simple animal. Her most common form is white stag with silver hooves and antlers, though she has also been reported as appearing as an elusive white rabbit and an aloof silver wolf. She has never directly spoken to others in these forms, and stories of her doing more than watching humans in this way are few and far between. The only real connection in the stories is one specific detail: all of her forms have deep, black eyes with pinpricks of light coming out, mirroring the stars of the night.


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