Ascendant Slave-God of vengeance and cruelty


Born the first child of King Chaldan, one of the least noteworthy of the old Elven kings, Parizan devoted himself to redeeming his bloodline. In his mortal life, he was known as the Scholar King and was well loved by his people for his devotion to fairness and mercy. He was, in many ways, the ideal king of the Elven people: learned, kind, and just.

But after narrowly escaping an assassination attempt paid for by a jealous cousin, Parizan withdrew from his people. He had begun to realize that, despite his long life, he would not live forever. Without him, the golden age of the Elves would end, and his people would fall, for the capricious Ancient Gods would soon grow bored of the Elves’ prosperity and strike them down. Parizan could not bear to allow his kingdom to fall with him. This is when his aspirations to godhood began.

When he returned to the public eye, he was much changed. Newly somber and single-minded, he informed his people of his plans for Ascension. Most of the Elves, as well as people of other races from neighbouring lands, joined their beloved king in study and preparation, the most loyal taking blood oaths to serve as his priests and paladins when he attained godhood. After many years, Parizan and his allies had charted a way through the Heavens, and he built up great strength of spirit to prove to any Heavenly challengers that he was worthy of deification. He had the greatest craftsmen make gifts for the Ancient Gods to win their favour.

But when the time came, none of their preparations were enough. The Ancients, who had seen what he had planned, were waiting for Parizan when he Ascended and captured and tortured the sacrilegious king and tore out his mortal heart.

But perhaps their greatest cruelty was that they did not destroy him utterly. Instead, they gave him a heart of thornstone, a metal found only in the darkest places of the Heavens—they granted him the heart of a God. They corrupted his blood, transforming his most loyal followers into mad, twisted versions of who they once were. His scalding blood and flesh-rending heart forged Parizan into the first Slave-God, his old self burned away and replaced by the pure will of the Ancients. They mocked him with the title “God-King” and made him an agent of their revenge on the mortals who dared try to enter their kingdom and change their own fates.


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