Camellia Verity


Lawful Good Female Human Cleric
Str: 11
Dex: 10
Con: 12
Int: 13
Wis: 18
Cha: 11
AC: 10
HP: 9
Flail, 1d8 bludgeoning damage
Chain mail, 16 AC
Shield, +1 AC
Sacred Flame, 1d8 radiant damage
Burning Hands, 3d6 burning damage on failed save, 1/2 on successful save
Spell DC: 14
Spare the Dying, Light, Sacred Flame
Level 1 spells:
Cure Wounds, Detect Good/Evil, Detect Poison/Disease, Healing Word, Purify Food/Drink, Shield of Faith
Prepared spells:
Burning Hands, Faerie Fire
108lbs of equipment currently held


Grew up in a crossroads town. Was the daughter of a single mother who was a cook at an inn. Grew up slightly ashamed of her mother and often got into fights with other children around town over her lineage. Ran away from home at 17 to become a foot soldier in an army where she changed her name to Camellia Verity when enlisting. Was injured in a battle, and taken to a church to recover. Once recovered, instead of rejoining army she joined the order and trained to be a cleric. Has no real positive or negative opinion of the army. Has a large, healed scar across abdomen, going from below right breast to above the left hip. Now works as a sort of missionary and enforcer for the church.

Has strong aversion to harming those unarmed or unconscious. Very set in her ways and will argue her opinions without fail, and is quick to form opinions of others. Is somewhat cold in demeanor, but is actually rather caring of others she trusts.

Her goal is to spread the word of her goddess Selene across the land while also tending to and helping any of those in need.

Camellia Verity

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