Heart of the God-King

Session 3 + 4 Notes

Day 5

After several anxious minutes, Nyvorlas re-emerged from the forest. Once the party had gathered together in their room in the Inn of the Welcome Wench, Nyvorlas told them that the person who wrote the note was Flinar and that he had wanted to show Nyvorlas that one of the pale Orcs had attacked him. When told about the message found burned into the ground, he mentioned that it sounded like the affliction his father had. After a little discussion, the party went to bed.

After breakfast, the group went to look around the harvest festival’s market but found nothing of interest to purchase. They then headed to the village hall to ensure that it was ready for the prince’s arrival. After speaking with Thomas, the party devised a plan of action for the harvest dance that night. Returning to the market area, they heard a commotion and discovered an Orc in the midst of a gathering crowd. She asked to see Flinar, saying that she had to speak with him and that only the knowledge she would impart could protect him. However, when the party brought her to Flinar’s room, they found evidence of a struggle and no prince.

At the Orc’s prompting, the party made their way to the abandoned moathouse with their new member, Tukragh. After fighting several giant frogs in a pond outside the moathouse, they ventured inside to find the area guarded by a number of the strange grey-skinned Orcs. Fighting their way through the few posted guards, the party made their way into the moathouse’s dungeons below. The group split up and fought off several more Orcs and fled an Ogre before finding a cave system which they navigated to discover Flinar kneeling beside a huge pool of blood next to two arguing Orcs. Several members of the party snuck over and healed Flinar before the rest of the group came to surround the Orcs. The Orc who brought them to the moathouse teleported all of them, including Flinar, back to town.

The party returned Flinar to his room and discovered that he had the same sickness as his father: the heart plague. Not seen in a thousand years, the heart plague prevented death and caused incredible pain that could only be relieved by bleeding out directly from the heart. The Orc who kidnapped him seemed to be preparing for some sort of ritual to return her husband to her.
At his insistence, the party allowed Flinar to attend the harvest dance which passed without incident.

Returning to the inn, the party set up a night guard outside Flinar’s room. Neither shift saw any activity.

Day 6

After a frosty encounter between Erevan and Flinar, the party sat down to breakfast at the Inn of the Welcome Wench. As they planned their day, they heard something from the back rooms of the inn. Going back to investigate, they saw a familiar fox running off into the woods.


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